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We are a group of discrete Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agents that have come together to help individuals get their driver’s licenses and other basic documents here in the UK. We issue driving license for cars, motorcycles and trucks. We provide a reliable and risk-free service for those in need of driver’s license, ID cards or residence permit. We have been in the business for a decade and we are proud to say we have a 100% customer satisfaction rate.

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Buying a UK driver’s license has never been this easy when dealing with us.
You are at the right place as we work directly with the authorities in the various databases. When you buy a driver’s license from us, you are 100% guaranteed to get the original documents processed, registered, and issued to you from the comfort of your home no matter where you are in the United Kingdom. If you are looking for a driving school here is our recommendation. Buying your driver’s license from professional sites and people who have been doing it for years is advisable. We are just what you need and your data is kept private when you buy your car, motorcycle, or truck driver’s license from us.

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Please feel free to always contact us to buy your UK documents or to let us know how we did make you happy or rather your experience with us regarding the production of your documents.

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We have the very best technology to create and register your UK passport, as well as insiders in the government who provide us with encrypted data for a quick and secure process to obtain your UK passport. Every year, They are more frustrated business people whose passports limit business opportunities. They turn to Undercoverdocs for our years of expertise and hands-on support in making their dream of buying a UK passport come true. Our passport is so secure that its authenticity can be trusted beyond doubt. We focus on protecting both the document and the client data. Security relies on the document design, its production environment as well as the personalization process. 

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Undercoverdocs has over 10 thousand Successful UK driving licenses and UK passports issued over the decade.
Suppose the driver’s license issued by us is checked using a data reading machine. In that case, all your information will show up in the DVLA system because your driver’s license is registered in the DVLA database system.

Satisfaction Guaranteed

We always make sure our customers are satisfied. In case of any problem after receiving any document from undercoverdocs which we most say never happens, get in contact with us and it will be resolved as fast as possible. 100% Satisfaction is our goal and we have been achieving it so far and planned to keep it like that. 

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We go the extra mile. Our clients are pleased over and over again with the commitment we show. We are proud to say we never had a bad review from a customer because making our customers happy is why we are here. Ordering a document from us will always make you happy because of top-notch service.

The Best

We are the best in the business without any doubt. Due to our longevity, we have created the best relationship with the right people on the inside to make sure any document you order from us is legit and can never be sorted out as being different from others. If you are in search of the best, search no more.

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The British national identity card is used to identify British citizens. It is mostly used in situations like opening a checking account, identifying yourself to government offices, proving your identity, etc.
When you buy UK ID card from us you can use it to exercise your right to free movement in another EU/EEA member state or Switzerland when dealing not just with government authorities, but also with private sector service providers.


Mrs Catherine
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Highly recommended. If by any chance your search for the license lead you to this website then you are in the right place, please this is all true and i have been using my driver's license now for 4 months and never had problems with the police control. Thanks once more undercoverdocs.
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From start to finish was excellent. Raheel was very helpfull in purchasing my drivers license with all the questions I had. He was really patient with me and I appreciate that. no question was too much trouble for him. All round first class service and i highly recommend, Alexander.
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My experience was 4 star. I could not have been looked after any better. Not once did I feel under any pressure, just a lovely experience. The reason I am giving 4 star is because my passport arrived 2 days late from expected delivery date. Apart from that, I have no problem with the document I received and have been using it for a while now without any problem.
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I just bought a drivers license from undercoverdocs. I was made to feel welcome and the buying experience was a joy, mainly due to Keith, who made everything so simple and straight forward. I recommend their service guys.
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From start to finish with Raheel was a top service. I was actually recommended by a friend who used their service before but I had my doubts. It was cleared real quick and I am now recommending them to any body I meet that is in need of their service.